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archlinux-packages.git Archlinux packages 21 months ago
beampass-logos.git Artwork for beampass 10 months ago
blog.git Source of 14 months ago
diceware-intl.git Lists of international words... 3 years ago
dotfiles.git My dotfiles. Deploy with ... 4 months ago
golang/codejam.git 23 months ago
golang/hello.git No commits
golang/lp.git 23 months ago
golang/utils.git No commits
hpass.git Multiplatform password manager 3 years ago
lazylpsolverlibs.git Linear Programming libraries... 4 years ago
lighttpd-external-auth.git System for securing content... 3 years ago
michel.git 2-way synchronisation of a... 3 years ago
minibackup.git Anonymous cloud data store 3 years ago
netmon.git Systray icon that monitors... 3 years ago
nosync.git Hijack sync/fsync/fdatasync... 4 years ago
resume.git My CV on 5 weeks ago
sharebox-fs.git Fuse filesystem to manage... 5 years ago
small.git Theme for Pelican 3 years ago
yaposib.git Python binding to coin-or OSI 2 years ago